Infinity Strap

  1. Here is a transitional moment between #ForearmBalance and a scorpion variation. Notice how the backbend begins before the legs bend. This is one of the most useful ways to use your Infinity Strap to keep your shoulders from splaying out. #pinchamayurasana


  2. #SugarcanePose #ArdhaChandraChapasana

    Here’s a tip when getting into this using your #InfinityStrap : weave your hand into one loop first then slowly guide your foot into the other. Maintaining an upward gaze is the real challenge of this posture👆😊 take your time. Foundation is key. Once you have this, really kick your foot back and open your shoulder and chest. This is one of our favorite feel-good poses!


  3. Repost from @laurasalion

    Inspiring progress!!! 😊👏 —- October 18-19 Yoga Challenges
    #witchywickedprogress handstand, crow @inspirehealth16 @ginamarieyogini @asanaanna
    #teekibottomsup funky headstand, lotus scorpion headstand @casa_colibri @coffeeandrainbows @natashaswinter @upsidedownmama @teekigram #yoga #beginner #fitmom #fitness #progress #inversions #progressnotperfection #yogaeveryday #yogafamily #workinprogress #yogamom #yogabodyproject #everyBODYyoga #strength #flexibility


  4. Repost from @caitmbernstein

    Check out this awesome Yogini using an Infinity Strap to get into this deep scorpion. 👍 —- Today I wished I could do scorpion pose… so, today I did. Thank you @infinitystrap for having my back (and arms 😉) as I start my journey in my dream pose 🙏 #infinitystrap #embraceyouroutline #practiceandalliscoming #scorpionpose #pinchamayurasana #forearmstand #getbendy #dream #practice #yogadaily #yogagirl


  5. Does the top image look familiar? Why cut off circulation in your fingers with a yoga strap that is too long and has a hard buckle when you can use an Infinity Strap to distribute the pressure evenly throughout your hand and foot? Stretching is supposed to lengthen us and increase circulation and energy flow!!! Also, this is great for people with #arthritis !!! #restorativeyoga #prenatalyoga


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  7. Many of us find it challenging to clasp our hands in binds and twists. In this #ArdhaMatsyendrasana variation it’s helpful to weave your hands through the Infinity Strap and work into the bind. Our unique STRETCH material makes this possible. 😊


  8. Repost from @nolatrees

    Inspiring!!! Thanks for your great post @nolatrees 👍👏😄 —- i’d like to give a huge shout out to everyone who is taking part in the #Iambeyoutiful challenge organized by @cuchira. today’s challenge was to put on a bikini and give yourself some self-love for 15 seconds. I saw some incredible posts some amazing words some natural beauties who let their light shine from within.why is it so hard for us to love ourselves? Why is it so hard for us to be enough as we are? We always want more of something, less of something, a smaller belly, bigger boobs. but these things truly don’t matter, because we already are who we are inside. We are already beautiful Warriors with so much to offer. Love yourself, and let your inner light shine so bright that they just can ignore you. y’all are so amazingly beauty.
    also, day 13 of #MakeItMeraki is pincha mayurasana or forearm stand. this is such a power pose, and it’s tough. don’t rush it. . I suggest taking your practice outside to help get over the fear of falling. if that’s not happening yet, use a strap (like I have here), use a wall, start in dolphin, do whatever works for you. love you guys so much! check out @crazycurvy_yoga and @drunkinyoga for their options.


  9. Thread the Needle variation for our #spookystretch post for today. #threadtheneedlepose 💀👹🎃👻


  10. This is a fun sequence. Plow pose to shoulder stand and then try lifting your arms. Only try this if there is no pressure on your neck! #PlowPose #ShoulderStand #Sarvangasana #Halasana